January 2022 PDF

This month‘s newsletter has 2 updates on the new anaphylaxis guideline for people working in EDs, and a rethink about the amount of salbutamol we send children home from hospital with.  A bit about the role of the educational psychologist and a reminder that, although usually benign, not all premature thelarche is transient. Do leave comments below:

Safeguarding again for December 2021

With thanks to Jackie Driscoll for this month‘s newsletter which takes us back to safeguarding issues.  Have a look and earn some child safeguarding CPD points from learning about Disguised Compliance, school refusal, Liberty Protection Safeguards and ENT presentations to be concerned about.

November 2021

How many respiratory illnesses does it take to make you think of primary immunodeficiency?  This, covid vaccination and length and dose of amoxicillin treatment in community acquired pneumonia this month.  Do leave comments below.

October 2021 digest

Lots about diarrhoea this month.  Also ADHD and no need any more for an ECG prior to starting medication.  Obesity in A&E; can we at least start the journey towards a more healthy future in the Emergency department?

September 2021 PDF

https://www.paediatricpearls.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2021/09/September-2021.pdf this month is all about safeguarding again, Nicci’s theme this month being the “voice of the child”.  As one of the Paediatric Pearls editorial board said, “Sad but solid newsletter – rings very true with practice at the moment.”

August 2021 PDF

Useful resources in preparation for this year’s expected RSV bronchiolitis surge in this month’s newsletter.  Also, a bit on managing young people who are “tired all the time”, height and weight issues in non face-to-face consultations and a short article asking why do we give children 10 days of foul tasting pen-V qds for tonsillitis instead of 5 days of tds amoxicillin which, it transpires, is actually cheaper?  Microbiologists and others are welcome to leave comments below!

July 2021 newsletter

This month‘s newsletter is all about paediatric rheumatology, with thanks to Dr Lucy Backhouse for editing it this month.  Raynaud’s, hypermobility and JIA with a quiz for you (and your CPD portfolio) and extra resources for your patients and families.  Do leave comments below!

June 2021 newsletter

With thanks to Dr Jackie Driscoll for a safeguarding theme again this month.  Burns, FII, CPC, FGM.  Do read the newsletter to verify the acronyms and bring yourself up to date with the current themes in child protection. 

May 2021 PDF

A mixture of topics this month again.  Estimating testicular volume without an orchidometer, correcting for gestational age on growth charts, Resus Council update and the ins and outs of using photographs in virtual consultations.  Do leave comments below.

April 2021 PDF – all about allergy

A visual guide to the most common food allergies this month and pointers to new guidance on when to introduce allergenic foods to babies.  The EATERS history is useful in ruling out allergy and there’s a good mnemonic about soap to stop us all misdiagnosing penicillin allergy.  Do leave comments below: