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February 2019 newsletter

NICE on honey this month.  And antibiotics in URTIs.  Also blueberry muffin syndrome courtesy of our dermatology contributor, medically unexplained symptoms from a great on line resource from MindEd (https://www.minded.org.uk/Component/Details/525083) and information for practitioners and young people and families after a first afebrile seizure.  Please do leave comments below:

November 2017 PDF

Children’s cancer information this month – prevalence and red flags, a link to the excellent immunisation resource – Oxford vaccine group – for all those questions about individual immunisations that you can’t always answer,  NICE’s recent UTI update and infant dyschezia.  Do leave comments below.

March 2017

ALL presenting as a persistent limp this month, nitrites on the dipstick, haematocrit, a childline app and a local paediatric asthma study day.  Please do leave comments below.

July 2015 being uploaded on a Sunday in honour of the Right Honourable Jeremy Hunt

Chest pain this month – which is very rarely cardiac in the paediatric population, early recognition of various childhood cancers, links to some drug and alcohol support groups, paediatric drooling.  Do leave comments.

July 2011 ready for ED health professionals

Less text boxes this month because of the importance of the parental responsibility issues in the ED, highlighted in the featured GMC 0-18 document.  Also a brief look at the recently reapproved UTI NICE guideline.  Did you know they did a section called “Do not do recommendations”?  We have done a quick round up of relevant academic papers for you this month and pointed you to a site aimed at improving our woeful pick up rate of childhood brain tumours.  Do leave comments here.