Primary care guidelines

This page is a work in progress.  A group of us are going to gather up some good paediatric primary and urgent care guidelines and list them alphabetically as a quick reference for relevant clinicians.  Many CCGs have their own guidelines but hopefully some of you will find this project helpful!

Please leave suggestions below if there is anything you particularly want listed or indeed if you want a long guideline you like condensed down to one page.


Page last updated: 23rd December 2017

One thought on “Primary care guidelines

  1. Hi Julia,
    I am a pediatrician from US, Bend, OR.
    Will be in London…August 12th (afternoon)-August 15th (midday)
    Would you be available to meet briefly? Maybe sometime on Monday the 13?
    After 18 years of primary care pediatrics, I started a health communications company. Educating patients well and motivating better health choices are driving this effort. We develop mobile health tools that truly fit into busy workflows, improve efficiency and ultimately, we hope, patient outcomes and health care costs. Improving health literacy and reducing disparity in care are also in our dna. Our app will roll out in US later this year.
    I am looking forward and towards expanding into UK. Simply meeting with a few people to briefly hear what the biggest challenges are here and to gauge interest for product and /or collaboration on some level.
    Please reply either way.
    Thank you,
    Rick Cuddihy, MD, FAAP
    Bend, Oregon

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